Ancient Aliens From Sirius Visited Earth?

Ancient Aliens From Sirius Visited Earth?

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Many people assume, that ancient astronaut theories are nothing more than modern pseudoscience, holding no Credence within reality.
However, this is a mistake.
The idea of ancient visitors from other planets in distant galaxies, has been around since the beginning of human history.
Although the theory has undoubtedly gained tremendous popularity over the past few decades, nearly every ancient tribe and civilization found on earth, regardless of geographical location, have a story regarding visitors other planets.
Our choice of most compelling, would have to be that of the Dogons in Africa, one of the oldest surviving tribes on earth, they not only have a legend which tells of alien visitors, but they retained invaluable data, reliable knowledge which was passed down from generation to generation.
Details surrounding their ancient visitors home solar system, details, that at the time modern civilization had yet to discover.
Known as the “nommo,” the Dogon tell of giant reptilians, who had travelled here from a small sister star of Sirius.
A star with a 40 year orbit, that the Dogon still celebrate every 40 years, what is remarkable about their claims however is the details they give regarding the Sirius system, and indeed the nommo’s home star, a tiny star which our modern telescopes did not confirm the existence of until several years after the first cataloguing of this information.
Another strange reaction to these remarkable experiences, within these ancient cultures, is a wanting to replicate the appearance of these entities.
These inter planetary visitors often brought gifts in the form of knowledge, due to these revelations, many of our ancestors have perceived these beings as god like.
The teaching of Agriculture, the gift of hops, cannabis, the dogon state that hemp was a gift from the nommo, indeed the dog star is the source of the plants name, even strawberries among many other living things, and ingenious techniques of managing such, have been said throughout antiquity, indeed throughout the worlds cultures, to have first arrived here on earth in the form of gifts from these beings.
The Dogu, dogu meaning clay figure, could be seen as commemorative creations in memory of such entities, visiting our planet in the past, such an extraordinarily rare, life changing, and undoubtedly profitable event.
Made during the late Jōmon period, over 10,000 years ago, made with such tremendous skill, and artistic accuracy, you have to wonder, if these were not created with the purpose of remembering, a detailed image of our guests appearances, then what else were they created for?
Or more specifically to look like?
Interestingly, some of the figures appear to have been deliberately created missing limbs, resting on intricately made crutches.
Was this done with a likeness to real beings?
Possibly battle scared from previous, more hostile encounters?
The Inca’s, Mayans, Aztecs, Dogon’s, indeed, anywhere you look deep within antiquity, you will inevitably be confronted with fantastic tales of ancient visitors, even detailed knowledge of things so far out, we cannot even confirm if what they say is true.
With so many similar legends found all across the world, regarding ancient astronauts, it’s safe to say, the truth is out there.

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