Cop Hating Beyoncé Turns 36, Receives Disgusting ‘Birthday Gift’ From Michelle Obama

Cop Hating Beyoncé Turns 36, Receives Disgusting ‘Birthday Gift’ From Michelle Obama

Cop-Hating Beyoncé Turns 36, Receives Disgusting ‘Birthday Gift’ From Michelle Obama

In case you missed it while you were following important news, Beyoncé has turned thirty-six. In honor of “Queen Bey’s” birthday, Michelle Obama has given her a disgusting birthday present.

So, what do you get a pop star who already has everything for her birthday? Apparently, you feed her ego by dressing up just like her for a photo shoot. Are you sick yet? Just wait.

As a birthday present for Beyoncé, several of her famous friends and family members posed as the singer in her notorious “Formation” music video. Included in the entourage of famous faces was none other than Michelle Obama.
Of course, the media is fawning over the fact that Michelle played dress-up as a cop-hating, race-baiting pop star as if the former first lady just cured cancer or ended world hunger.

Here’s how BuzzFeed reported the “news”:

Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have a friendship going back years. Like, all the way back to 2008 when Barack Obama won the presidency and Bey performed at his inauguration.

They hang out with each other on epic girls’ nights.

And the former first lady is hugely supportive of her famous friend.

Which is why Michelle decided to honor Bey’s 36th birthday by posing as Beyoncé in her “Formation” video.

It’s kind of perfect, no?

Can someone please get me a bucket? I feel as if I’m about to throw up my lunch.

Just in case you forgot, Beyoncé’s single “Formation” was an explicit, anti-police anthem complete with a raunchy music video with a cop-hating message.

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance of her new song “Formation” was met with acclaim by her fans and the mainstream media.

But many have called for a boycott of the singer’s music because of the harsh message the song’s video sends to the police.

The music video is set in New Orleans and features a wall that reads “Stop Shooting Us.” She also appears on top of a police cruiser sinking in water.

At one point the video shows a child dancing in front of police officers in riot gear. [Source: Business Insider]
It goes without saying that this sort of thing is not becoming of a first lady. Former first ladies typically spend their retirement doing something worthwhile and charitable. Take, for example, Laura Bush. She advocated for youth literacy while in the White House and has extended that work into retirement, most recently penning a children’s book inspired by our gorgeous national parks. Her efforts are patriotic and appropriate for a former first lady.

Then, we have Michelle Obama. She spent most of her husband’s term vacationing on the taxpayers’ dime and has continued to indulge in luxury getaways since vacating the White House while sprinkling in photo-ops like the one she did for Beyoncé’s birthday. This is apparently the best she can do with her considerable platform: travel the world and play dress-up.

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