Hollywood’s Harassment List

Hollywood’s Harassment List

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This is everyone in hollywood accused of sexual harassment in the past few months, some of which are unnamed…

Hollywood’s Harassment List :
Brett Ratner – Director, Powerhouse Producer Behind RatPac Entertainment
Multiple accusations of sexual assault, harassment.

Dustin Hoffman – Oscar-Winning Actor
Accused of sexual misconduct, groping of 17 year-old actress.

Jeremy Piven – Emmy Award Winning TV Star
Accused of sexually assaulting an actress.

Hamilton Fish – Documentary Film Producer
Suspended over allegations of sexual harassment.

Andy dick – Actor/Comedian
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment, groping.

Andrew Kramer – Lionsgate Executive
Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Kevin Spacey – Oscar-winning Actor
Accused of attempting to seduce a 14 year-old boy.

Ken Baker – E! News correspondent
Accused of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Rick Najera – CBS Diversity Director
Fired over sexual harassment allegations.

Louis C.K. – Comedian, Filmmaker
Swirling rumors of sexual misconduct.

Mark Halperin – Journalist, TV Producer
Multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment.

Robert Scoble – Tech writer
Allegations of sexual harassment.

Terry Richardson – Celebrity Photographer
Accusations of sexual harassment.

Roman Polanski – Oscar-Winning Director
Admitted child rapist. Four other women claim Polanski assaulted them as minors.

David O. Russell – Oscar-nominated Director
Accused of groping,on-set verbal and physical abuse.

Oliver Stone – Oscar-Winning Director
Accused of groping a woman at a party.

Ben Affleck – Actor, Oscar-Winning Director and Screenwriter
Multiple allegations of groping, one he apologized for.

Harvey Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer
Removed from the board of the company he co-founded due to dozens of accusations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, groping and rape.

James Toback – Director, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter
Over 200 sexual harassment allegations.

Bob Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer
Accused of sexual harassing a former employee.

Harry Knowles – Founder of Ain’t It Cool News
Stepped down due to allegations of sexual harassment and groping.

Devin Faraci – Movie Writer at Birth.Death.Movies
Accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Roy Price – Head of Amazon Studios
Resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Twiggy Ramiriez – Bass Player for Marilyn Manson
Accused of raping a former girlfriend.

Tyler Grasham – Talent Agent
Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault from his male, underage clients. .

Lockhart Steele – Media Director at Vox
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.

Andy Signore – Creator of Honest Trailers
Fired due to numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

David Blaine – Superstar Magician
Accused of drugging and raping a 21 year-old model.

Rupert Myers – British GQ Writer
Fired over allegations of sexual assault.

John Besh – Celebrity Chef
Accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Shadie Elnashai – Cinefamily Executive
Fired over allegations of rape and harassment.

Hadrian Belove – Cinefamily Executive
Resigned over allegations of sexual harassment.

Woody Allen – Oscar-Winning Screenwriter and Director
Accusations of child molestations. No charges were filed after an investigation, married his adopted daughter though so

Steven Seagal – Actor
Allegations of sexual harassment.

Chris Savino – Creator of Nickelodeon’s Loud House
Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.

Bill Cosby – Iconic Comedian, Actor
Dozens of accusations of drugging and raping women.

Bryan Singer – Film Director
accused multiple times of sexual assault, twice including of a minor

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