How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase (and Ethereum)

How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase (and Ethereum)

How I bought Bitcoin on Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange. If you are going to sign up to this exchange, then here’s the link:

The next step is to transfer it to my new wallet, which I’ll start to cover in the next video. If you haven’t seen the ones before – showing the sign up process, and installing Google Authenticator, which is for two-factor authentication, then here’s those ones:

Sign up and verification :

Setting up 2FA:

Normally , I just use copytrading to trade cryptos, including Bitcoin, on a site called Etoro, which you can find out more about here:

BTC Page :

ETH Page:

My actual goal was to work out how to buy IOTA, and it’s a bit of a circuitous route! After trading these currencies for a while now, I had to come out of Etoro to see where I could get my hands on the Altcoins… This is 3 steps into the process of buying IOTA. The next video will be an introduction to the Exodus wallet, followed by how to actually transfer and store your assets.

Recently there’s been a ton of interest in the whole sphere, and in the beginning, it can just be incredibly confusing, so I definitely found it helpful to watch videos, and read and I’ve been asking questions all over the place trying to find the simplest methods to buy and sell these things. I think a lot of other people are in the same boat – we all see the news and the stories about all these sudden new millionaires, but it seems like a real labyrinth of information… I wanted to find the easiest route possible really.

so far I’ve made around 10 transactions, and it’s all gone pretty smoothly – I am still concerned about the fees, and sometimes I hear people going on about the customer service – apparently it can be a little slow at times. But overall, whilst I do hear grumbling, I never hear really scary stuff – well, not yet anyway. They do have a parent company called GDAX, and some people say that’s a better way to cut out some of the fees involved, so maybe I’ll check that one out later on, and let you know what I find.

I’m just glad I know even this much really – it’s a lot less daunting now. I’m in!


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