Hurricane Jose: 3rd Manmade storm in 3 weeks

Hurricane Jose: 3rd Manmade storm in 3 weeks

Three hurricanes in the last three weeks, all of them constructed in exactly the same manner, and meteorologists still pretend they see – nothing. The same glaringly unnatural process over and over, and the same lies over and over from the meteorological community. As you can see, this reality is hardly anything new. In this video, I include some of the earliest Weather Satellite Imagery from the 1970s, and the same wholly unnatural burst of In-Place Rapid Evaporation (Water Vapor Generation) can easily be seen even then.

Early estimates of the combined damage from the pair of record-breaking storms (Harvey and Irma) could reach $290 billion—nearly a quarter of the total costs of all so-called “natural disasters” in the United States from 1980 to this year. That doesn’t account for the wildfires and extreme heat burning up the American West, or the nine major disasters—including drought and floods—that hit the country from January to July.

Over a quarter of a trillion dollars (and incalculable personal loss) from these two intentional storms that anyone can see would not have existed at all, were it not for this deliberate and continuous manufacturing process. Hurricane Emily is next in the pipe, and is of course manufactured like all the rest.

Where are the people – defending this country? This blatant and continuous attack is as predictable as sunrise and as provable as the existence of the combustion engine, yet our country, our government, our military, etc., all seem to be as stupefied and oblivious as the rest of the population as to what is actually being done to us.

Granted, this slowly growing attack methodology has been boiling the frog of human consciousness for over a half a century and elaborately keeping the population confused and misdirected, but in 2017 with all available satellite and radar imagery, it’s not only incredibly easy to see and understand – it is literally unavoidable for anyone who spends a couple of weeks watching GOES evidence (or watching my videos).

Are we just – waiting for the next 250-billion-dollar attack? Is this country going to just sit and wait for the next manmade attack, and let the perpetrators blame it on God and Mother Nature, or are people going to finally WAKE UP to what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF US? It’s not as if this country is alone either. While the perpetrators misdirect strawman blame on individual governments and the U.S. military (to keep people and governments from uniting against this common enemy), almost every country on Earth is under exactly the same attack. Every single day, this manufactured attack can be seen somewhere in the world and each country is victimized just like every other country.

So, as I say constantly if you REALLY want to help the victims of these constant broad daylight attacks, help me expose this unbelievably obvious reality. Surely hundreds of millions of dollars were raised over the last three weeks to get cleaning supplies and baby formula to people who have had their homes washed or blown away, but that isn’t going to do a damn thing for tomorrow’s victims… is it. The only way to make ANY difference and the only way to PREVENT future disasters like this, is to expose the simple and decades-long operation for what it is, and expose the perpetrators for what they are.

Please, support this singularly unique work, and help expose the biggest in-plain-sight charade, on Planet Earth.



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