Hurricane JOSE CAT 2 “LIKELY” Hurricane MARIA Already said to become a “MONSTER”

Hurricane JOSE CAT 2 “LIKELY” Hurricane MARIA Already said to become a “MONSTER”

**During the upload Invest96L has officially become Tropical Storm Maria
Just when we thought JOSE was done once again it has shown us the power of weather and has held CAT 1 status for a decent amount of time
Because of this earlier then expected growth the chances of CAT 2 status are much much Higher.
This is what the data is showing today and We are now seeing Weather crews setting up shop along the coasts from Virginia Beach all the way up past New York.
We anticipated this gain of strength due to the surrounding pressures and warm water Jose is still in.
According to the MSM Jose was a “Non issue” and expected to just fade away but now just a few days later we are once again Preparing for a possible North east Land-fall.
The amount of time Jose remains in warm water will significantly change possible conditions for everyone inside the current cone of possible error.
I can not stress enough that if you are inside or near the cone of JOSE it is time to keep your local weather on all the time and have your basic plans in place incase things get worse.
The last thing we need is yet another landfall but again we can not take these storms lightly.
A cat 2 storm hitting the north east would be devistating so lets hope the cool waters do there job and keep Jose as minimal as possible
We then have a very significant storm to watch already being called a “Monster” creeping up toward the Leeward islands and projected to once again head up the east coat due to high Gulf pressure.
When the MSM puts this much concern and attention on a system that hasn’t reached tropical storm status yet then that is cause for concern.
I will have more updates throughout today or as soon as any significant change happens!



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