Trump-Hater Jimmy Kimmel Spotted In Meltdown As His ‘Nasty Hollywood Secret’ Just Came Out

Trump-Hater Jimmy Kimmel Spotted In Meltdown As His ‘Nasty Hollywood Secret’ Just Came Out

Trump-Hater Jimmy Kimmel Spotted In Meltdown As His ‘Nasty Hollywood Secret’ Just Came Out

Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show has turned into a nightly hate-fest directed at President Donald Trump. Americans have become fed-up with his lectures on everything from healthcare to gun control. Instead of entertaining us, Kimmel is choosing to act like an elected official who knows best — that is, until he got some bad news. Now, Kimmel is in meltdown mode behind the scenes as his “nasty Hollywood secret” just came out. You don’t want to miss this.

By now, most Americans have heard about Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly bashing of President Trump. He made headlines when he bashed the repeal and replace of Obamacare as a monologue topic. His teary diatribe was coached by none other than Chuck Schumer. Now, he has gone even lower, and insiders say that he is having a meltdown as his “nasty secret” is getting exposed.

Kimmel is close friends with Matt Damon, who happens to also be good buddies with Harvey Weinstein. In fact, Damon owes his career to Weinstein. It was Weinstein who took a chance on two unknown screenwriters, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, when he picked up their “Good Will Hunting” movie option. After the movie hit big, Damon and Affleck worked with Weinstein on several projects, and what’s important to know here is what Matt Damon did for Weinstein.

In 2004, the New York Times had the entire Weinstein sex scandal story. Weinstein was alerted by insiders that the truth was about to come out, and he called Damon demanding he bail him out. Damon called the New York Times and got them to put the kibosh on the story, leaving Weinstein free to continue preying on young women for another 13 years.

Now, fast forward to October 11th, 2017. As the story broke, Matt Damon was outed by journalists as the guy who allegedly squashed the story back in 2004. On social media, the hashtag #MattDamon was trending, and he was getting hammered by actress Rose McGowan, who said Weinstein had raped her and Damon knew it. This is where Jimmy Kimmel comes in.
Kimmel, the guy who claims the moral high ground every night on TV, colluded with Damon to cover-up the Weinstein story and make new headlines for the outed actor. Damon was not scheduled to be on Kimmel, but at the last minute, he was spotted arriving at Kimmel’s studio. Damon then showed up during the Chris Hemsworth interview on the screen behind Kimmel, saying he “hacked” Kimmel and was crashing his show. It was supposed to be funny.

Oh. I see you, Jimmy Kimmel, are trying to surrepetitiously normalize Matt Damon’s involvement in enabling Harvey Weinstein.
“Harvey who? Matt Damon jokes around with Jimmy Kimmel and hits the red carpet hours after being forced to DENY helping kill an expose on Harvey Weinstein,” reported Daily Mail. “Jimmy Kimmel deliberately created a video acting as Damon’s PR guy to bury the bad [Google] searches strategically releasing the fluff piece [from the show],” reports Steven Crowder.
Americans are trashing Jimmy Kimmel’s Facebook page. We all know his nasty secret. Of course, Kimmel, along with Damon, knew what Weinstein was doing, but instead of being outraged at a sexual predator, they cover it up. Facebook user Rory Murphy, who was outraged at Kimmel’s lame cover-up with Damon, wrote, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel Live when do we get to see a teary-eyed response to the rampant amounts of sexual abuse/sexual harassment going on in Hollywood? I can’t wait to see those tears!!”

Jill White, a former Kimmel fan wrote, “Jimmy, you have completely alienated your audience. Congratulations. MANY of us no longer watch you. You are NOT an entertainer. You are a far left liberal that hates America. Please move out of America & take all the other ‘FORMER’ (so-called) comedians w/ you. Btw, how much are you worth on the payroll of Soros?”

Jimmy Kimmel really thought he could get away with covering for Matt Damon and keep silent on Weinstein and no one would notice? He lost all credibility when he ventured into making his show his platform to browbeat half of the country who voted for Donald Trump. His virtue signaling over healthcare and gun control was bad enough, now he covers up for an alleged rapist, a sexual predator, and one he knew personally. Kimmel’s big secret is out, he is a big fat hypocrite who worshipped at the feet of Harvey Weinstein like every other Hollywood sicko.

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