Fifty years after the alleged crash of an unidentified flying object in Roswell on July 4, 1947, the New Mexico town is experiencing another alien invasion….of tourists.

More than 50-thousand UFO fanatics are expected to arrive in this town over the weekend for the festivities to mark the anniversary.

The road to the crash site in Roswell was closed on Tuesday – tourists were turned away and forced to wait for Wednesday’s celebration.

Wednesday marks the 50 year anniversary of the crash in Roswell. The party is planned to continue on through the weekend.

Walter Haut was a military spokesperson when the crash occurred. He wrote the press release stating that an unidentified flying object had landed in New Mexico.

A couple days later, the military issued another press release stating that a weather balloon had crashed at the site.

Haut says that he knows that the second press release is false because he spoke with the base intelligence officer about it.

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“Years later I had an opportunity at a meeting in Washington to discuss it with him. His description and comments about it pretty well stated that it was something number one extra terrestrial and apparently a craft that had been navigated to the crash.”
SUPER CAPTION: Walter Haut, Former Military Spokesman

Haut says that the US military is playing a waiting game until the crash witnesses die.

He calls their efforts to explain the crash incredible and unrealistic.

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“They keep coming out with stories continually and most of the time they either contradict themselves or come up with some fantastic story that has no bearing on it whatsoever.”
SUPER CAPTION: Walter Haut, Former Military Spokesman

In June, the Air Force released a statement saying that the aliens that everyone thought they saw in Roswell were actually dummies used in parachute tests.

Despite Air Force denials, the Roswell crash site has become a Mecca for the UFO enthusiasts of the world. This year, however, will see the biggest influx of tourists.

UFO tourism doesn’t come cheap. It costs 15 US dollars to visit the crash site and 90 US dollars to camp there over the weekend.

Cost, however, cannot keep UFO enthusiasts away.

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“Because I’ve read about this for so many years and I do believe it happened and I wanted to come here and experience what all the other people are here to get out of it: to see where it all took place.”
SUPER CAPTION: Nancy, Tourist from Denver, Colorado

Many residents have fled Roswell to avoid the UFO convention. Many businesses, on the other hand, have been quick to cash in on UFO mania.

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“I think it’s great. We live here in Roswell. We think it’s great for the economy and it’s good clean fun.”
SUPER CAPTION: Chris Daniel, Resident of Roswell

Some Roswell residents are even talking about holding the UFO convention every year.

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